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Roadtrip with a dog

Chien en automobil

Our dog is a true “roadie”. She enjoys watching the world go by. As long as she’s with us she feels safe. We make sure to stop frequently for pee and poo and a walk. And water. Plenty of fresh water. And shade. We also make sure that she is not sitting in the blazing sun in the car while we are driving (and we never EVER leave her alone in the car at any time) so we constantly move the shades in the back seat where she resides during our time on the road.

The rest, like the correct vaccinations etc, goes without saying. All is, as it should be, in order.

We bring a parasol with us so she always has shade available in any beach or park we stop by. Oh, and since our dog is a princess, a very beloved one too, she always has something soft to lay on. No concrete for her royal behind. No, Sire.

Traveling with your best friend, your four legged companion, is a wonderful experience. So far she’s been welcome everywhere we’ve been (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France) and she makes people strike a conversation with you wherever you go.

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