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In the outskirts of Copenhagen, well at least not in the city centre – we stumbled across (ok, we didn’t exactly stumble across it since it is a location you hardly just pass by – to get here you have to decidedly want to go here – and since we read about this place we decided to “stumble” across it hence our trip here) Wulff og Konstali a café / shop / brunch place / lunch place that is so cosy and nice.

We ordered the brunch and got to fill in an order list with plenty of nice, delish stuff to choose from. After some confusion (we thought someone would come to our table to get our order – not so, you give your order list, and pay, to the cashier and then wait by your table).

Everything is served in small bowls and every dish is made from organic produce and very well prepared. A supertasty meal! We had chorizos (yum!), scrambled eggs, vanilla waffle (the best sauce ever accompanied this tasty waffle!), avocado with olive oil and sesame seeds, smoked salmon, tomatoes and mozzarella, French goat cheese, Danish organic hard cheese served with organic honey and almonds and we naturally had some fresh pressed orange juice, coffee and chai to wash all of these goodies down. Oh, and of course I couldn’t resist a chocolate croissant.

Wulff og Konstali also sell stuff – like freshly baked bread of all sorts and coffee and jam and … well, all sorts of different condiments. My favorite is the chocolate coated marshmallows …

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Wulff + Konstali
Lergravsvej 57Copenhagen S

Isafjordsgade 10
Copenhagen S




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