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Let me tell you. This place is not easy to find. We walked for EVER. And when we got to the address – Vinylize were nowhere to be found. We asked passers by, store owners in the area until we turned the corner, ready to give up and leave – we entered an optical store and they simply pointed us to the right place. Phew. This was quite a task. But quite easy once you find the right place. Which is in an apartment building on the 2nd floor (or first floor for you guys that use the word mezzanine for the ground floor). And please do take the elevator, because the 2nd floor in this particular building is really on another floor, much higher up. Who would have known? (Do I need to confess that we took the stairs?)

Vinylize make frames (for glasses) out of vinyl [records]. It is über cool! You even get to choose from which record the item is made, needless to say; it is made to order.

Who were awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2016? You know it: Vinylize.





Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 22.29.20

Please do me at least one favor; check out their website:

Belgrad rkp. 26
Budapest 1056

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