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Kelet Café & Gallery is not a bookstore. But it sure looks like it. There are books literally everywhere (and the best part is that if you have some books that you want to exchange for other books, Kelet is the place!) as well as the normal things at a coffee shop (like chairs, tables, coffee, edible things etc.). I ended up in a coffee discussion and it seems that Kelet’s choice of coffee are lightly roasted beans. It good to know if you have a fave coffee that is dark roast and you are craving just that. Not going to happen at Kelet.

We ordered  turkish coffe (made in hot sand!), cappuccino and some sourdough bread with condiments. To our surprise the mix of cottage cheese with green curry, ajvar and peanutbutter cream was delicious! Who would have thought?
Happy surprises are the best!

Kelet Café & Gallery
Bartók Béla út 29
Buda – Budapest

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