Paloma Designer Shops – Budapest

Being Scandinavian we do search for ‘the light’ most of the time. And leaving Sweden in November for Budapest, is pure bliss. I come from 6 C and grey skies (at best) and rain and wind (sooo much wind) and arrive at 10 degrees, blue skies and sunshine. No wind.

I simply love wandering around in this beautiful city. Today’s excursion took us, among other places, to Paloma. Paloma is in the typical courtyard building they have in Budapest (lovely!) and centuries ago it was a shopping plaza. After being empty for years and years, today young designers introduce their work here in their small showrooms.

There are designers making jewelry, clothes, toys, leather purses, books etc. Tiny little shops with gentle, smiling people. And beautiful designs. Well worth a visit.



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1053 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16. (félemelet)

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