Madal – coffee – Budapest


Madal Espresso & Brew Bar happens to be my all time favorite coffee shop. Not so much because of the premises itself, but the coffee, t.h.e. c.o.f.f.e.e.!! It is simply the most delicious coffee ever. The coffee they serve is from Beyond Within.

When in Budapest, and if you like good coffee (mind you if you think all coffee is somewhat alike, don’t bother – this place is for those that really understand to appreciate a really good brew) do yourself a favor: pay a visit to Madal.

There are two locations to choose from:

1/ Hollán Ernö utca 3
2/ Ferenciek tere 3

My personal favorite is the place at Hollán. Specially in the summer when you can sit outside and enjoy the weather meanwhile sipping that ice latte, cortado, cappuccino or whatever your heart desires.

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Kelet Café & Gallery – Budapest


Kelet Café & Gallery is not a bookstore. But it sure looks like it. There are books literally everywhere (and the best part is that if you have some books that you want to exchange for other books, Kelet is the place!) as well as the normal things at a coffee shop (like chairs, tables, coffee, edible things etc.). I ended up in a coffee discussion and it seems that Kelet’s choice of coffee are lightly roasted beans. It good to know if you have a fave coffee that is dark roast and you are craving just that. Not going to happen at Kelet.

We ordered  turkish coffe (made in hot sand!), cappuccino and some sourdough bread with condiments. To our surprise the mix of cottage cheese with green curry, ajvar and peanutbutter cream was delicious! Who would have thought?
Happy surprises are the best!

Kelet Café & Gallery
Bartók Béla út 29
Buda – Budapest

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Tokio Restaurant, Japanese cuisine – Budapest

Let´s all be in awe of Asian cuisine, shall we?!

Do visit Tokio restaurant in Budapest on the Pest side of the city. The restaurant is situated in the business district that turns into a club district at night. The food is delicious as well as very well presented, the staff is friendly and helpful and the interior is very, very nice.

If you wish to dine in the evening, reservation is needed. The place is packed in the evening. If you, however, choose to have lunch here, no problem.






Széchenyi T 7-8
1051 Budapest

Call in advance for table reservation: +361 801 9862
Click here for website


Sào Food&Bar, Vietnamese restaurant – Budapest

I definitely have a love for Asian cuisine. If you do too, or if you are  curious to try something new and you just happen to find yourself in Budapest – you should not miss a visit to Sào. The food, the drinks, the ambiance – totally to die for. In fact we just had to go there two evenings in a row – it is that pleasant, I kid you not.





OK, I admit that these picture of the food does definitely not come across in the best way, but wow my tastebuds sang happy songs! Do try the dumplings! Just take my word for it, order the dumplings!

Sào Food & Bar
Hollo utca 10
Gozsdu Udvar
Budapest 1075
Tlph. +36 20 319 4099
Click here for website



Boutiq’Bar – Budapest

Budapest sure has a great cocktail bar scene! While in Budapest we were fortunate enough to visit Boutiq’Bar this time around (and some others – who can resist a great cocktail bar?).

All drinks served by the skilled bartenders (of whom one was a visiting one from Oslo this time around) are like small gifts wrapped in nice and interesting packages. Like the fellow bar goer beside me who asked the bartender to surprise her and there he was, carrying a glass dome filled with wooden smoke that belched out of the dome when lifted. And voilá there’s the drink.

You can’t but love the drinks here. And the music. The bartenders. The fellow bar goers. It all really.

My fave was a mango lassi/gin/concoction that was to die for! Unfortunately I threw myself over it so there is no picture, but take my word for it – delicious.





How often do you get a drink served in a cup/saucer? Not very often, right?! Imagine my surprise!


Paulay Ede utca 5
1062 Budapest


photo 4

Wulff + Konstali – Copenhagen

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 18.04.59 Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 18.05.22

In the outskirts of Copenhagen, well at least not in the city centre – we stumbled across (ok, we didn’t exactly stumble across it since it is a location you hardly just pass by – to get here you have to decidedly want to go here – and since we read about this place we decided to “stumble” across it hence our trip here) Wulff og Konstali a café / shop / brunch place / lunch place that is so cosy and nice.

We ordered the brunch and got to fill in an order list with plenty of nice, delish stuff to choose from. After some confusion (we thought someone would come to our table to get our order – not so, you give your order list, and pay, to the cashier and then wait by your table).

Everything is served in small bowls and every dish is made from organic produce and very well prepared. A supertasty meal! We had chorizos (yum!), scrambled eggs, vanilla waffle (the best sauce ever accompanied this tasty waffle!), avocado with olive oil and sesame seeds, smoked salmon, tomatoes and mozzarella, French goat cheese, Danish organic hard cheese served with organic honey and almonds and we naturally had some fresh pressed orange juice, coffee and chai to wash all of these goodies down. Oh, and of course I couldn’t resist a chocolate croissant.

Wulff og Konstali also sell stuff – like freshly baked bread of all sorts and coffee and jam and … well, all sorts of different condiments. My favorite is the chocolate coated marshmallows …

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Wulff + Konstali
Lergravsvej 57Copenhagen S

Isafjordsgade 10
Copenhagen S



Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 13.24.13

Copenhagen – Kent Kaffe Laboratorium

I am fascinated with methods, raw material and the like. Like coffee brewed in various ways. Not to mention that I am bias to a certain Japanese charcoal roasted coffee: The Best if you ask me. As I understand from many others, not the best for them – but I love the bitterness without the acidity. A truly regal taste.

However, Copenhagen. While visiting Copenhagen the other day I came across Kent Kaffe Laboratorium. Don’t miss this little gem. They might not carry the Japanese charcoal roasted coffee – but their coffee is still sooo tasty. And their brewing methods is an art form.

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium
Nørre Farimagsgade 70
1364 København K