Boutiq’Bar – Budapest

Budapest sure has a great cocktail bar scene! While in Budapest we were fortunate enough to visit Boutiq’Bar this time around (and some others – who can resist a great cocktail bar?).

All drinks served by the skilled bartenders (of whom one was a visiting one from Oslo this time around) are like small gifts wrapped in nice and interesting packages. Like the fellow bar goer beside me who asked the bartender to surprise her and there he was, carrying a glass dome filled with wooden smoke that belched out of the dome when lifted. And voilá there’s the drink.

You can’t but love the drinks here. And the music. The bartenders. The fellow bar goers. It all really.

My fave was a mango lassi/gin/concoction that was to die for! Unfortunately I threw myself over it so there is no picture, but take my word for it – delicious.





How often do you get a drink served in a cup/saucer? Not very often, right?! Imagine my surprise!


Paulay Ede utca 5
1062 Budapest